diversity training

Nicholas Lawson who has time to be racist to asians? we’re clearly in some kind of race war with African American’s like over staging and position of importance in the USA in the name of art … and the only reason the only reason i think there’s no competition between whites and blacks how whites are clearly the superior culture is based on our technical accomplishments but african americans they draw inspiration from michael jordan and tiger woods and jay z and barrack obama that if an african american can be the best at something well then they’re all in with that man and that’s their pride jumping from the foul line and dunking a basketball white people never did that so that’s evidence black people are superior and like we’ve been at this for a long time and i don’t know anything about any other race of people than black people and like in high school it was taught black and white and then i finally after 3 years of my african american best friends mooching on me i kicked them all out and now i live alone but i mean to be nice about it like europeans built the church for the african americans to worship in and those people went to church at their church but it’s like it takes knowledge of african culture to know this but europeans do something nice for africans american’s show and then go back to their church and that’ what it’s looked like for years and as far as jesse owens it’s not like he lapped anyone we’re pretty involved with each other unlike with asians or latins in Cinicnnati

this is evidence i need diversity training

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