2nd Floor

I was really thinking about this. I’m and several people I assume they’re people on facebook commented and liked the idea that students could go to school on the 2nd floor of a building and that if there were going to be teachers armed with guns they would all know the one place to meet and unholster their firearm in that a school with one entrance pathway and one exit pathway would be an easier way to defend a school.

defensive architecture. how much can some urban planning and some architectural drawings do a world of good in making it physically more difficult to run up on a school with guns while students are indoors.

i figure 2nd floor students can’t get IMMEDIATELY attacked when an assailant walks on campus but 1st floor students and teachers are quickly at risk where 2nd floor students are safer.

i thought you might like to make a BIG promise and tearing down schools and building safer defensively postured school buildings would be a big promise.

i thought about it again.

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