what if the kids wore high design cutting edge lightweight composite bullet proof vests and maybe high design cutting edge lightweight composite helmets at school until school get demoed and the students can safely go to school on the second floor of a school … in terms of public works the knowledge that the USA could do some interstate highway like in scope work would be to demolish all the schools one by one and rebuild them with an emphasis on keeping the students and teachers and administration safe no matter who wants to run up on the school … like if it was made difficult to get to the children that are sitting ducks like pretend you’re safeguarding ducks that are just sitting there being ducks and then a hunter approaches … it’s defending the ducks from the hunter … there’s a highway system , there’s washington dc’s grand mall, there’s mount rushmore and there’s hoover dam there is a capacity to the federal government that the private sector lacks and that’s depending on how big the project is it’s only the government that can do it … you can demo every school … no one else can … and it could be funding that leaks the number would be so large

so in short …

if students were in protective clothing


nicholas lawson

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