oo i did that back in 2000 wow … i don’t know where the time went like i’m old enough to notice that it’s not like i’m moving but it’s like walking through rooms this whole aging this and i was in a design school back them went to a couple countries … i took out a private loan … was playboy to some girls … smoked weed for the first time … ran out of money and panicked because the drugs wouldn’t let me think straight and i never did drugs before … spent a lot of time with napster … had my mind literally blown like it was overwhelming to me at 20 to read about a hand held translator that you spoke english into and it output chinese from a speaker like a small bull horn you talk into and it produces the necessary language and that was the first time i had my mind blown … just a lot of drug stories … i saw the chemical brothers live at Fabric … i was at Ministry of Sound … like dane cook made fun of people that just wanted to DANCE but the dance culture was pretty legit at the british night clubs … i went clubbing a lot at techno clubs and oh yeah i traveled to london … i’m not in that room anymore … i’m in this room the one with 39 on the door frame

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