i saw on television something like i participated or i am received with professional understanding and people collaborate with me while still following the rules of like a tale of two cities …

but i tweeted someone something about DANGER MOUSE and then I saw something where they had like DANGER PLANT or something I don’t know but i saw the same font face as DANGER MOUSE just recycled into something else …


i woke up this morning feverishly checking my pulse half asleep certain i was having a heart attack but as it turns out no … i’m more awake now but i had a waking nightmare where i was checking my pulse just now

and i woke up and this …

“would it make sense if some kind of personality test was involved in obtaining a gun? like a myers briggs test of some kind or an IQ test or some other kind of test, something, anything that gives the gun shop definitive insight into who this stranger is that is in an armory asking to obtain an arm?”

i’d think people would have to know their gun shop merchant a little better than the retail store clerk at a grocery store

i don’t know personality tests and gun shops …

meh …


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