super serious

Nicholas Lawson i’m an outlier but like over the previous 20 years i went from meeting some people on the bus to newark for the Hip Hop Congress Symposium at some university and I went on to know these same people for 15 years and every ounce of culture that i have in me is because of them and i am i don’t know if i’m racist but i am discriminatory and that involves not spending time with felons and i was friends with 3 african american felons and no a felon isn’t a poet and my concept of how to be a friend was stressed to the point that i was calling the police because i knew what a friendship was and that experience wasn’t it and i needed them to leave my apartment and i learned it’s not easy to evict someone that you let stay with you and i well in my 30’s i learned some powerful lessons about what good and bad ideas are in terms of living alone in an apartment and i didn’t have my own place until 32 i lived with my folks for 32 years for the most part because i was a university educated graduate and it took me 10 years to graduate and my story is just awkward but i have to keep referencing it because it’s comprised of all i know ….

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