thought it was cool

Nicholas Lawson Snooty Fox is one of cincinnati’s celebrities … like that’s a thrift store … wow i never saw opening a thrift store in the news before but i’m broke too and is my business tool i just have to raise $300 to get the business class so that i can ask them to move the sidebar to the left side so that when it responds to the fact it’s on a smart phone the ads are seen before the content and i get a bonus bulletin board system at $300 that i can use to consult with a bar because a PHPBB makes every bar better like i had it in me one day that based on how many bars there are i could probably install PHPBB’s for bars and then people can bar after the bar closes would be the hook … but that’s that’s a thrift store in the main headline …. thrift stores are a way of life in cincinnati …. and the snooty fox was a thrift store that took out television commercials like 5 years ago …. she just seemed famous … but i remember when i was geeked to go thrift store shopping like my friend knew he was poor because he lived in section 8 housing and his dad was in training to become a doctor and like my dad was in medicine too and he HAD to go to the thrift store i was geeked to go i thought that place was awesome i didn’t know about and in retrospect upon reflection i think i offended some people that didn’t have a dad that worked at the hospital … like i think i’ve offended poor people before with just a simple sentence

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