Nicholas Lawson i’m 39 and working on putting the final touches on my career path so that i can just go on auto pilot for a decade or two because I have that kind of time to develop a thing like that on disability but nickspoems.com is doing pretty nicely it’s everything i did in my 20’s and then in my 30’s towards the end of it i’m putting in time on my career which is usually what i’m doing University Graduate and all but in my 40’s which is like next week for the most part i’ll be looking to date women in their 30’s because now i think 20 something people are annoying and look like kids to me and if you saw House of Cards first season that’s bonus … 30’s a cool time period is that first decade whose previous decade isn’t that of a teenager …i guess i’m slightly evil or picky i guess it’s up to me to decide some of this but on okcupid it looks like 30 is the year it becomes obvious you’re going to be busted or not and top reason i would make dating sites illegal is because in your twenties you’re beautiful doesn’t matter who you are but on that 30th birthday and i shouldn’t know this but things start going downhill for a woman as a man is picking up in business and well i’ll find a mate in the coming years i assume but i have it down to if she’s not busted we can work on it it looks like god plays plinko with women

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