i think in terms of trademarks or patents … i’m thinking that Facebook is famous for it’s three column layout … they have three columns with which to present their experience that is how they laid that out … on my 28″ desktop which is a joy to use there is room for a five column layout which would be something unique in terms of design … i don’t know if you can trademark or copyright a look in terms of something like column use … does facebook own the rights to three column web design … because a 5 column layout would be pretty … like i don’t think they’re in the black yet but if they had ads streaming down on the sides of the content like a conveyer belt of advertising that just looped that would a unique design, scrolling advertising from top to bottom, i’ve seen 5 column layouts before and i think you CAN cater to a desktop audience or something i don’t know i hope in my forties i get involved in more fundamentals of business i have never been paid in cash before for my work i’ve been paid with pizzas and raw vegan food and weed but never cash i do need to figure out what to do about receiving cash …

anyways if the government was going to go into social media it could be called the Perma Census it would be useful to you

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