alright well i’ll just do it in wordpress and blog here … recently facebook has become wonky and i don’t know if i was singled out … like i don’t know if they’re actually freedom of speech advocates but i’m not important … so i wonder if it’s impossible to consider someone poor important? there are things you can do with cash and i’m uncomfortable buying people’s time but i’m not uncomfortable buying a product. I just well i’m leaving comments and they’re not appearing in my activity feed the way they have been for a gross amount of time and i wonder if i got singled out twitter and facebook are the two dominant social media platforms and i think now that i am banned from twitter i think facebook is deprecating my account also and for the record i am aware they can do that it’s their software … i have no recourse i can’t sue because my account was canceled and it might not matter people might not be reading my posts but what i can do is have facebook on the right side of the screen and wordpress on the left and i can still do my kata’s on the facebook writing prompts i just won’t do it in facebook … yeah … i have a degree that took me 10 years to accept and quite frankly early on i told myself the only reason there is to learn computer science to me about me is if i find something really useful to build and i know html css and javascript … i haven’t much experience but i know every language follows the same principle it seems … i got time on my hands … but as the revolution revolves it is mark zuckerberg that takes on a leadership role in society and mayor pete does and i don’t fit into the developing network and hierarchy of my generation like my intelligence isn’t being tapped and i think i show the signs of actually a genius i am … i think i am a genius because i tested into genius this isn’t really a self esteem issue … i am actually quite intelligent and i spent about 10 years on facebook … like i’m almost about to do some chuck d shit with the the internet like the internet is just like flava flav to me at this point like i spent 20 years using the internet and i think i’m about to kick the internet out of the band in my world … i’m always recovering i’ve been always recovering and starting over for 20 years … so this is a nice stretch of time that’s going in a positive direction and i don’t know people in their 30’s don’t make the best decisions because that is the first time period where their previous decade was not that of a child … i’m always ready to quit using facebook i just need it to line up in my head like i broke my cigarette addiction twitter canceled my account facebook is like the final thing on the internet that i am using i keep doing breakdows in my head and there’s always at least one reason i can think of to keep my the internet …

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