facebook is a luxury … i have this one friend in london that i talk to regularly and i need facebook for that but facebook is a luxury to me … okay … i was doing some work on facebook and then well it worked against me … so alright yeah mark this is your world this whole facebook thing that’s got 2 billion users and it might not look like it but your population on facebook is something like
2,000,000,000 – 1 = 1,999,999,999
mark you lost an ally
it’s like i’m lost in thought on this i have a NEED for facebook and i have to depend on people editing my work like the phone company lets me cuss and i think there’s a financial angle on that you lack probably for some bit coin altero logic but you can be a service provider like you can do some nasty tax work world wide and you could be a standard interface to a global community like facebook could be the center of communication on this planet but already you’re spread you needed other websites you bought properties nothing i’m clearly some kind of critic that’s just like you’re right i didn’t learn how to program a CMS i got an A in class because i install PHPBB and had it set up nice and then i graduated
just …
i was actually feeling like i was doing work but i can’t it’s like i put my literary sketches on kdp.com and if your community guidelines are asian in style like if you’re trying to control language you can do that it’s just that i don’t know i’ve heard people having enough of a problem with something they do a version that makes them happy

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