Nicholas Lawson shot hoops with my pops today at the ymca and had to go memory fishing again … i’ll be typing a comment out like this and then my 2nd thought the one i was going to close with disappears and then my Plush Toy Claw Game started digging into the darkness to find the missing thought that apparently i think it gets taken but i go memory fishing about once a day on sites like facebook and white house and it never happens anywhere else at any other time like i’m not sitting with my folks and a thought disappears so i go memory fishing and sometimes i catch the thought i try to reinspire myself to think the thought by going over what i was looking at right when it happened but i go memory fishing i don’t always catch it but a lot of the time like 2 days later i’ll just be taking a nap and then the thought will just pop into my head like and the thought is always what i would call of alpha quality like it’s never a weak thought it’s always like this nice shiny seemingly special thought and it gets taken away … like i think thoughts i’m not allowed to have and that someone makes calls on my innerspace or i smoked too much weed but based on how it only happens on CNN and WHITEHOUSE i’d say someone’s in an office making calls on how i think

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