Dear City Hall,

I don’t know enough of the story to just write it but I do remember as a teenager that there was a fight between the Enquirer and the Cincinnati Post.. I hated the idea of Cincinnati producing a fictional biopic of Ted Bundy. I am fairly certain Cincinnati doesn’t make too many films but doing Ted Bundy was just infantile.
The story of the enquirer and the cincinnati post I think would be a better drama to watch than the Ted Bundy fictional biopic. The way there was a rivalry between two papers and that it got heated and there was a fight and NEWS was news. When the news made the news was the Enquirer and the Cincinnati Post.

Could you direct me to someone that would mentor me on producing a viable script?

I don’t know what do you think? Ted Bundy and then it was The Enquirer and the Cincinnati Post.  

You’re right though I do and am always thinking of something to do but what you might not know is that I am so used to thinking of things I can do that I might be hard to be around but is evidence I’m not always talking shit.  

The Story of the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Post the feature length film. I think that’s more Cincinnati than Ted Bundy.
just saying.

I’m embarrassed that some woman in Cincinnati did Ted Bundy when we don’t do that many films and I know we don’t do too many films because I’m not working for a production company. 



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