yeah he just knows what he’s told

Nicholas Lawson what are you on about? it’s not HIM that’s fighting the coronavirus it’s the CDC and for the all the pomp and patriotism all he can do with the CDC is take their word for it whatever it is … the CDC is probably doing a great job and if they’re not well blame the school not high school but university worry less about what’s being taught in high school and more about what’s being taught at the University

there was the one day i was talking to someone in the hospital that they might want to put some petri dishes in the microwave and just have a day at the CDC where every single virus or bacteria they have in storage gets nuked and just tell them to start over

but donald trump … yeah he’s the speakerbox for the thing he put together probably some kind of symbolic octopus shape like his people are bringing into him the food to chew on

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