i was in church for my grandmothers funeral and it may have been a special service because i was given the distinct impression in a roman catholic church that jesus volunteered to be eaten like this is my body this is my blood and it’s bread and wine and but that venerates a man who apparently saved lives by volunteering to be eaten. i don’t know i haven’t been church in a long time but i got the distinct impression we eat the flesh of jesus and drink his blood because that’s in remembrance of a man that volunteered to die for the sins of others , anyway i didn’t know what it was about jesus for about 10 years i just had no clue but okay yeah the man that volunteered to be eaten, he’d be remembered, well they developed a system to remember him … yeah

i was under the impression it’s fiction and i still sort of am but that’s a reason to remember someone saving lives by dying and becoming their food


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