bladow public school religions

Nicholas Lawson i’m honest my actual and factual religious background is public school i went to public school and then i went to a public university and i know public school things and i know public school taboo’s and i know public school victories i went to church until i was like 20 and i haven’t really been back but i did go to school full time for 24 years and then for some reason i didn’t get a call from TSG apparel as a junior copywriter, i’m 39 years old and had a unique financial arrangement in my 30’s but it probably doesn’t work the way i think it does but when i submit an application on indeed for junior copywriter i’m like and they’re sort of trendy i’m like what is this about? they didn’t call me back and i’m like i even presented a portfolio link at and i’m like homelessness is in the news a lot and you know what no one ever went down to a homeless camp and just hired 30 people like Macy’s or Krogers has never gone down to a homeless camp and just hired a squadron of homeless people and set them up with $40,000 a year jobs and what am i saying it’s hard to get a job so when you go thinking about how the homeless are this and that i would be homeless without SSDI and i’d be at the homeless shelter helping people like i did before but this is the rationale of the public school … the public school teaches me not to be racist and i get scared thinking even anthropological thoughts on facebook … like anthropology is the study of people and i know there are people that don’t want to talk about people from an astute perspective but i don’t know this is some public school work right here

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