this is new in the last few weeks i have been having memory recall issues … i’ve been using the computer for a long time but in the last few weeks i’ll have a thought lodged in my head that i want to write and by the time i get to the form i want to fill out the thought feels like it just got pulled out of it’s place in my brain where i was going to write from …

i’m extremely embarrassed to write this but i’m sorry.

please forgive me.


like please forgive me.

i know not what i do.

i’m sorry.

i’m trying to evoke sincerity in a form.

could look at the internet like it’s a tool that makes a bureaucracy work like clockwork.

i do 6 degrees of separation if you ever wrote me and we made a connection me with someone in your office i would have this cool thing i could say at a bar. this isn’t necessary.

i have the strangest addiction. I have a feeling i am binging on everything i can do so that i can finally give it all up and sleep in bed most of the time.

i still see value in using the internet in terms of something being worth the price …. the internet is worth the price but i have to finish this book somehow … i’ve been online for about 20 years and i’d imagine a house or a car are two other things that are worth the price …

i’m currently writing you when something on my facebook news feed shows up or brad wenstrup a man that worked with my father in the operating room.

i don’t know … i just know i can’t keep writing the white house and if i am going to do this with anyone i need to stick to the chain of command and write my local mayor that just won in NCH who i don’t have an email address for or brad wenstrup my district representative.

i have found a lot of trouble in life before. it’s not good for me to be doing this. i’m not important enough to do this.

it’s just sort of impressive to me that i can.



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