grandiose thinking and fast talking = bipolar

I’ll write some more on it. But if a school was a thing that was dealt with as a fortification. Is there an architect that can design a school that guarantees kids will be safe? like a five story tall building and the students and teachers work on the 4th and 5th floors and just make it as difficult as possible to get to students.

or this thought comes to mind it might be easier to keep students safe at a boarding school of some kind.

i don’t know i have a little thot here to think about what is the most difficult it can be made to be to get access to students in a school.

i don’t know … I like the idea because if a prototype for a school that is defensive in posture made sense on paper it would be an easy sale over and over and over and over again state by state city by city it’s basically a public works project and it creates like 50,000 jobs or something and ties up like X^X in terms of money like it would bonkers cash that would would leak in terms of finance streams … i don’t have the tool but i know for the most part the major thing you need to know if you want to be an architect is you need to know what a right angle is like bladow! that’s most of architecture school …

like some people see a school shooting and they want a gun and some people that see a school shooting want guns eradicated i think that’s the two sides of the coin and actually i can sort of understand both …

i’m sorry i wrote you on Super Tuesday … but this is something you can do with our without a presidential seat …

i don’t have a car so i definitely can’t do this and i do need to draw up my presentation materials but i’ll probably just write about it and keep doing my writing @ like i’m going to copy and paste this to my journal and that’s about as much as i can do or should do with my mental health background … which is grandiose thinking and fast talking that’s well that’s the last diagnosis i had so i’m bipolar and that’s what bipolar is talking fast and thinking grandiose ideas

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