i’m just doing something small

Nicholas Lawson okay i’m a University Graduate. I naturally error on the side of conducting consultations or at least trying to. I thought about UBER and LYFT and AIRBNB and GRUBHUB. Instead of competing with NYC Taxi’s they should have licensed the software to professional taxi drivers, that’s one revenue stream, then they could have sold AIRBNB to a local hostel so that they could be putting people up for $15 a night from other countries and that’s a revenue stream for the consultant and GrubHub, app based food delivery they could have gone from restaurant to restaurant installing that and let the restaurants handle the deliveries for dozens of micro consultations …
it just seems rude to disrupt ancient empires because you learned a trick in school the fact that like NYC TAXI they i heard multiple times that they were in trouble and a button on a phone is no way to put people out of business. i find that people that drop out of college have this ability to seek out and do whatever it takes for cash and i’m a university graduate on disability but it’s probably because i smoked weed and went to school i did graduate and i have done consultations and i’ve done client work
like if the contract was written right NYC TAXI and the like HOSTELS and DELIVERY … those could have been clients but the Computer Science students, they’re not really, i mean, nothing it’s just that most people didn’t see an earthquake coming from the internet that would affect the establishment and i think a lot of what’s on this internet is not fair that’s what i think … but the drop outs have their what IPO money they’re yeah they got money now money but like if they want to do anything with it they have to asked like 26 people and get them to sign off on the expenditure

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