that is how to do it

okay so that’s how you do it? you have the printer for your magazine? like i want to get an espresso book printer or i mean magcloud dot com or lulu dot com but i know i know if i’m going to do the right way it’s going to be a magazine i get to working the phones to sell to places where magazines are sold and then there’s what a bunch of small meetings or an event that brings all the advertisers together that are going to support me like with precision hold a conference comprised of the cincinnati business elite the business clever and point out this was paid for this event but if we could talk about advertising Cincinnati in magazine racks around the tri state like i want a nice conference so that i can bring all of my advertisers into the same room and then i can be like okay have that put together now advertisers what do you want the magazine to be about? let them know how versatile you are and attract advertisers to event and then ask them what they want in the magazine what do they want to associate with as they could use this advertising as much i could use this revenue and a business like that is just business but i do need to obtain printing equipment … that is the right way to do it up at your header

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