Miss warren I’m 39 in a recharging point in my life where I have quit smoking, I have quit drinking, and I have quit smoking weed this year, and I lost weight so now I do things like this with my computer because I’m on disability and well I do a lot of reading but I think what you should is completely reimagine your entire approach to winning the election like I think you’re in third place but if you recharged yourself with a concept like earmarking federal government funding to pursue the an architecture of the school of the future that has modern urban warfare defense mechanisms in place in a situation where students still have to attend class or the truancy officer comes and finds out why they’re not in school and the kids need educated so how do you balance the needs of school to become like a defensive fort and the need to be educated as children … do parents drive into a garage and drop their kids off and pick their kids up in a garage to be safe and do automakers naturally start installing bullet proof windows in the cars or something I mean if you had a weekend with your staff that was just about freeform thinking you could use that summit you had with your people as a means of releasing Warren 2.0 which could I’d think turn some heads



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