funny enough thing about Health Care as a human right is that that is sort of producing a slave class of people that are the finest people in society namely medical student graduates i was just in the hospital for a check up on my mental health and all i saw were the healthiest smartest most capable people compared to who i see at the local convenience store i get my drinks from during the week but that’s sort of sticky to mandate health care as a human right i think you could counterpoint a major bernie sanders debate point by just being like no no healthcare will never be a human right because that’s a usurpation of a class of people that deserves free will and in terms of freedom deserves the right to deny medical care to anyone it wants to … i think if you are going to mandate that healthcare is a human right then you are stating that hospital employees are a treasured class of people … he did not say people deserve to get the finest music he wants the finest healthcare and clearly everyone is important but it has been decided apparently by sanders that medical care by the hands of trained physicians is a human right and it’s weird when i see what’s out here has more rights than a doctor

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