Nicholas Lawson was she cast? like she’s a regular in … i think i configured my facebook feed to get maximum news and i’m looking for more news to add to my facebook feed but i know what i see in the tabloids and she’s a kid she gets to at 25 talk about how her teenage years were weird … i heard her speech and i personally don’t look to her for hope or any other youth … i’m slightly an authority figure at least a little bit … i just told someone to call the fire department at a restaurant yesterday when the place smelled like poison and i did let them know to call the fire department but i didn’t stand there and tommy lee jones it from volcano but okay she is an activist i think she’s a fan of who she knows shes going to become i think she’s a fan of who she is going to be as an adult and well i know what i knew when i was her age and what everyone else in my class knew at that age and when they brought the cameras in on me for something i did i had no idea to turn down the press i wasn’t old enough to realize being in the news is like winning a darwin award

Nicholas Lawson alright that makes sense Dino it’s nice to see there IS hope for the future alright she’s probably going to be a celebrity her entire life in at least common parties and there is hope for the future yet like t’s nice to see a strong child the other children can look up to and know it’s about the environment …. okay Dino not T Rex someone other than T Rex was like you can rest assured the future has hope because she’s working on her generations future and it’s nice to see that there may be within our lifetime at least a procedure we can follow to to mitigate climate change and on the other side of it we’re probably looking for the thermostat on spaceship earth and i gave myself a C+ for this I thought of something her generation can work on … a thermostat like control the weather to the extent that we’re turning dials

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