i don’t trust anyone anymore

Nicholas Lawson so like i’m at 228 down from 245 in two months and i quit drinking beer and switched over 0 calorie drinks which i never did before and i like juice more than water but i drink water also it’s just that if i can drink flavor i prefer that … quit smoking quit drinking quit drugs losing weight and had a quick workout at the gym for the first time in years and had a good time got a good rip … and i have a blog that is increasing in traffic at nickspoems.com … and my folks are proud of me and i just learned that i did NOT go to the mental health hospital 42 times it was actually about 22 times in 20 years i thought it was 42 so on average i was taken to hospital so that i could get some mental health treatment and the first time i sensed something inside of me was in chemistry class at the age 17 and all it said was BE AFRAID OF PSYCHIATRY and that’s the message i was given at 17 and at 39 i am dealing with a parkinson’s like twitch in my hands from the medication i am taking and i’d say i am scared enough of these people blatantly telling me they are poisoning me for my own good and i’m afraid to just go somewhere and be homeless but i am sufficiently afraid of psychiatry and my plan on my blog is to be really serious on facebook and then copy and paste the test into my nickspoems.com website into practice and i don’t know what’s up with me having a premonition to be afraid of psychiatry 3 years before i went to the mental health unit for the first time and i know people are full of it most of the time it’s my knowledge of people and well quite frankly i know my dad and that’s enough to put the fear of god in me every time i have to do anything with medical assistance of any kind

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