on my block

Nicholas Lawson that’s classic typical body building, i’m doing great, i quit smoking cigarettes, i quit drinking, i quit smoking weed, like now i checked the scale and i’m down to 228 from 245 ond and half a month ago that happened because i didn’t have a scale and was drinking pop like it was water and i gained roughly 30 pounds so now i’m figuring out how to lose body fat for the first time in my life and its interesting watching the weight melt off … my pops invited me to gym with him and i’m going to start going to the gym so i’m really interested in this healthy lifestyle and i have no inclination to go into body building to achieve results like arnold schwarzenegger , i really want to weigh 6’4” at 190 with wire tight arms and body like i want to be thin and slightly toned but with a soft stomach and maybe some cuts in my hips … and once im done i can finally stand on the corner and rep my block oh and i’m 39 so these are the thoughts that consume me

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