Nicholas Lawson why would anyone be discriminatory towards an asian? couple years ago the entire clique i was in collapsed and there was mooching and a fight over how i had a silver spoon and they ain never have anything and they just need to live with me to get on their feet and i had a landlord telling me to evict them and then the one night one of them kicked in my door and i got evicted and then there was the night out one of them pulled a gun on , the night someone dry humped me and pinned me to the bed and the night one of them aimed a shotgun to my chest and well now it’s not i would calls racism towards africans it’s more like PTSD whenever i think about them … asians don’t trigger PTSD in me but africans do … like i never knew an asian long enough to know why i should hate asians but i don’t hate for no reason it’s not like i was born racist and it might not even be racism it is a form of PTSD though like i get upset at the sight of the color african skin

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