it’s not the internet that sucks

I don’t know if it means anything but facebook isn’t really a platform you can work on. I’m in the comment sections addressing issues that have been brought up by the community of journalists that collect news and in the last year I have spent copious amounts of time processing the data and with my 10 years of university experience and a couple custom gears in my head I have been producing quality writing akin to I’ enjoy playing home run derby on facebook when it comes to the comment boxes and facebook has blocked me from using facebook for three days at a time a couple times and I logged out. I don’t know what the work ethic is of the people that produce facebook but their aesthetic is what i would call lacking. I was thinking of producing a content management system myself for the experience and because facebook was written before major quadrants of inspiration could be taken in in terms of how someone else would do it. Like a Content Management System is a thing that to me takes into account heavy producers of content and it manages their writing systematically. That’s what I thought a CMS was it’s a thing that someone created to help people that produce a lot of writing. I run afoul of the guidelines of facebook and i’m not trying to make money off my relationship with facebook and i quite frankly do not trust using the internet as a platform for business because you can get caught being an adult and then they start blocking your content. I used social media a lot and I left a LOT of comments and it struck me as some kind of video game. This entire internet thing is pointless because of who is walking the earth, that is my final opinion it’s not the internet that sucks.

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