alright i got you quantum mechanics like alright so like what you sayin is ma du what you sayin is like we don’t know if we alive or dead and at any given moment someone may be alive or dead like i might not be conscious but i can do this and the quantum state of my pinky finger is that it needs an opal ring on it … that’s my birthstone … when you go and entangle realities one surpasses the other in importance to the master time line i get you so like in terms of immortality as you are dying your consciousness is transferring to another form of yourself such that you regress back to your original state of birth and you that is you can only come from one place which is from your parents so the light you are looking at when you are walking towards it in death is you preparing yourself for your next life to be born again and the concept of strange or unlikely is null and void in a universe where life exists and a ball is floating in the sky made of fire so don’t believe everything you’re told but it’s no that truth is stranger than fiction it’s that the truth is there is fiction and that leads someone to think that there is a creative force in this universe and everyone of us may very well be a universe as we are going in a direction with our society that leads to a more comfortable and calm environment all of our needs are in the process of being met so that it would seem so that we can just study and meditate on discerning the final book that has all that is necessary to know with the internet being the 4th Holy Book in league with the Bible, The Qu’ran, and the Torah.

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