I think I can do this … okay i could be a tastemaker … okay i can do this … I’m in magazine territory now … i can put in 40 hours a week doing this …

this is an intriguing concept for a pursuit of an expenditure of time. the red and blue icons playing a game with each other and the ways the game cracks a bit. the software engineering that goes into this is most likely highly advanced programming but i’m curious who would have done the graphic design work? who would tied in the graphical elements to the game logic.

currently the AI learned under controlled conditions where the game is the exact same every time and the game comes to a conclusion every time but let’s say every reincarnation of these characters they get another chance at solving their particular puzzle.

this intellectual puzzle to puzzle over seems to be similar to the film ground hogs day they just keep experiencing shitty after shitty day until they figure out how to act right to derive the highest level of safety in the scenario.

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