Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom and it’s all about me


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, a good example of when careers come before family and Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry both had full robust careers an are well fleshed out as people with lifetime pursuits and now they get to experience parenthood and me i got caught up in some life lessons and i’m going on forty too without even a girlfriend or friends for that matter i’m mostly alone with the internet and spending time with my ma and pa. I was doing just fine until I ran into the real world. I understood school and university that i understood completely. I think there are people school doesn’t make sense to I’m not one of those people. I fucking love the shit out of school but now i’m in the real world where the purpose is to mate and meet financial obligations and i’m alone wondering what the people go through on the other side of the television screen to my knowledge none of my previous idols are taller than a foot for the most part. I doubt what’s on the other side of this screen and facebook was giving me  trouble so i popped open flipboard and pulled out wordpress and i just really like doing this having something to say about the news. i just want to practice this is a decent situation to be in where I am i don’t know what do you want to know about me i’m a mentally ill author that has a university degree that involved me navigating the university on my own for 10 years and i’m on disability and these two people orlando bloom and katy perry they’re starting a courtship ritual and i don’t know i probably need to go out to the bar more often but i get there i drink and it’s actually a far walk and i don’t feel like drinking beer because i’m on some kind of diet that is working and when i lose the weight down to 200 from 228 i’ll know i’m doing fine and i have this writing to do and i’m really just practicing my typing skills with a topic in mind to write about and i don’t know it’s an interesting way to spend time just doing this.

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