So I’m sitting here and I personally think that the story of Jesus the Gospels and the collection of other stories in the bible. I think it’s a book of fables. I don’t think a story comprised of explicit detail can live and exist for 1800 years and that that whatever occurred to split time from BC to AD is something recent. I think that Jesus and King Arthur have something to do with each. In the 16th Century or whatever century the printing press was developed was a bonus for the religion of jesus. the religions of the book  like king arthur, jesus and the stories of shakespeare prove that you can get extremely explicit with the retelling of a story. There was no electricity in this time period so the nintendo the internet the television and the radio was the book the chief priest read from during service on sundays.

before electricity there was the book so it was taken as seriously in it’s moral plays as james cameron takes the story of the titanic. that sort of creative might and the written word existed just a couple centuries before the contemporary age. the book was the thing everyone gathered around when they weren’t gathering around the work of elegant painters and art. art was the original video game as good as people are that develop the game Call of Duty is as much effort as would go into a painting or a book. movies and television and the effort that goes into those mediums went into sculpture, book making, and painting.

the discussion of jesus as is being done in this documentary to me based on my understanding goes to show just how far someone will take a line of bullshit to keep the people the congregants the givers of goods following along and staying involved and wondering what happens next but most importantly it’s ultimately not done the teaching of the truth which is all we can do is guess about the behavior of the past and the characters of the past and it’s just now it’s just in this contemporary time frame with the internet and television and radio and film and theatre and sporting events that it can be said new biblical stories are being told and in the process the language remains stable as we do all this original work that attaches to the language but for the most part we stay to the original language.

above and beyond all of this is the language.that we speak as people. the  brain is ultimately the most important element in all of this it keeps itself busy and it was pretty much all figured out until electricity was invented and mass manufacturing now we’re in a future that’s defined by our tools not the calendar and jesus is starting to wane in importance in a post electric age. with other occupying forces church is no longer the center of society quite frankly there is no center to society now to me and the sermons that are being given have less to do with the bible itself and more to do with the theology that is currently taught at christian colleges and developed at churched but as people are learning and studying philosophy they are relying less and less on the bible for their theological statements and more on theological texts which is social programming the ultimate goal is to keep the people pacified which is an amazing idea its just that if you already knew the truth it’s hard to go to church for me at least , i find church difficult because i’m not into getting brain washed. i’d like to mingle with people. if jesus died for the sin of not wanting to talk about jesus i wouldn’t mind going to church and just chatting and mingling before service and after service mingle and chat but it’s the service that i have issue with and quite frankly i went to public school so i’m not entirely trained or programmed to situate myself as a patron of the church.

I was unhappy with one element of this burn. I did a 7 minute burn in writing this and I never addressed shakespeare or king arthur in this writing but there is significant similarity to me that jesus and his disciples and king arthur and the knights of the round table it’s almost like king arthur is the good guy and jesus is the bad guy and that story for story jesus and king arthur and their fictional narratives counter point each other. jesus was poorly behaved and king arthur is well behaved and that leader is the star mentality works with villains like in the bible or like here in the works of king arthur

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