act right

bernie sanders never thought in his lifetime that he would ever see a swastika … well that’s fine … but 16 year old history students in high school are learning about the nazi’s and the allies and what you are witnessing is not nazi rhetoric or symbology you’re witnessing people that are fans of the nazi empire and that on the other side there are fans of the ally empire as well but none of know NONE OF US KNOW. when a student is learning about the nazi’s in public school it’s not  and there no guarantee that student is going to side with the allies just like how during the world war during the nazi reign that there was no guarantee an american would not side with the nazi’s … there was a great debate that was part of the war and students studying history in a peaceful time period that just might want to see some shit happen might be impressed with the axis from germany. there were axis in the USA and they mingled in society IBM assisted the axis it was not just a cut and dry event the great war it was an entire global phenomenon to my knowledge in short trying to figure out if the weaker species of human should be killed so that only the humans that deserve to live would survive … that’s my current take on it if you want a better future get used to acting like some shit never happened k through 12

and if want to use unloaded words … go with allies and axis …

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