because it’s polite

it would seem like humans evolved to drink animal milk because it would just be mean and disgusting if we treated the women like cows. the strangest thought I ever had was when someone asked me why we don’t drink women’s milk since it’s you know women’s milk and we’re humans and i had this image fleet past my third eye that just left me with the thought that we drink livestock milk because it’s politie. we recognize drinking milk is a healthy life extending thing to do but if we stuck to women’s milk that would involve denying them any type of humanity whatsoever be like asking why don’t we drink men’s semen like it’s that offputting a thing to contemplate women being industrially milked in a warehouse because they’re on some injection that allows them to milk 365 days a year like women are not livestock they are the other half of a complex equation that perpetuates itself and in short the reason we drink what’s called milk from a cow is because it would be rude if we didn’t,

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