Most Powerful Man On the Planet

based on CNN ‘s presidential show

but if woodrow wilson was elected into a position to be one of the most powerful men in the world would that not because in the 20th Century he was sitting at his desk with access to the internet which was an entire network built that is called the US GOVERNMENT … like government was set up to have it’s strings plucked by a political leader that lives in the white house … the way the hierarchy is set up for a president is why the president is so powerful because he makes one phone call to the head of the army and then the army has an order to follow and from that phone call contingents of troops can be moved as the orders are passed down the chain of command and that is precisely what the government is it’s a tree structure authority giving political machine it’s a crafted chain of command that might be something that should be explained to nations wanting of democratic rule the most important aspect of democratic rule is not the election it’s the chain of command


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