don’t shit on me

i’ve seen rap go from experimental music to now if someone volunteers to become a rapper now all of a sudden there is something wrong with me, like if someone is rapping and isn’t stuttering in their flow now all of a sudden it’s like there’s something wrong with me because they memorized a verse. at some point in the history of rap it started stunting on how rich it is to an audience that just paid it $15 a head 50 heads deep … like rappers now extolling their virtue as a head of state and recipient of a powerful sum of money when that money come from like lets say starting out 50 people at club paying them $15 to perform is now a sign that the the stage act has supernatural powers … alternative rock and pop music never made me feel like shit because i could afford to pay an act on stage

just saying

it might not last too long in musical history the entire concept of shitting on an audience for being rich when everyone in the audience paid the stage to perform just saying …

maybe don’t shit on poor people when you get paid $15 a head to do a dance

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