A couple months ago I was working on some language to the effect that people would be able to walk into a grocery store and walk out with groceries and it would be an entirely tax supported culture. I just thought now that it could be something where you order your groceries online your order is reviewed and the groceries are delivered to the patron that placed the order.

I heard of runs on products in this plague that is building up and my only fear that was revisited here is that society is comprised of such low quality life that a grocery store you walk in and walk out of is impossible because someone would take 12 steaks or all of the potato chips or ransack the produce aisle and I know that about society learned that in R and D when doing something you have to think of the KID the person that would take advantage of the system sort of like the guy you need a lock on your door to protect yourself from if you can imagine that lock on a home door is ridiculous that we just grow and evolve with crime.

but a grocery store that you walk into and walk out of and that is tax supported. that the bill would be spread out among people in a community.

i don’t know.

in terms of social science under what circumstances can a grocery store operate being compensated by taxes?

it’s something like this that i would use as cutting edge language in a bid for the house of representatives ohio 2nd congressional seat. i think of taking the long road into politics but i could probably get just as much done by promoting my website as going door to door.

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