insane amount of acid

just a small issue to bring up … in the course of human events when it comes to light that someone is on their own time revolutionizing the world of engineering and they started off their career as a banker

in this entire electric boogaloo that is the budding batter in this world in terms of storing energy it would seem as though an electric car that has something like 4 to 6 to 8 car batteries that it used to power the locomotion of the vehicle i know electric cars are NEW but what’s worse 40 pounds of battery acid that is going to be dealt with someway or 40 pounds of carbon emissions in a day? i actually don’t know i know an electric car runs cool so that is not bad for global warming but the battery acid that needs dealt with is an electric car that produces acidic waste at the end of it’s tenure and that 100,000,000 x 30 pounds of acid coursing around the highways … just saying … batteries seem more innocent as small duracell units or as single batteries in cars the world over but a battery powered economy that’s that’s not now that’s what someone wants and consumers being consumers it can happen and then we might have less of a carbon emissions and heat problem and more just that insane amount of acid …

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