the paragraph

there is a quo we need of the quo’s that have been talked about quid pro quo is the latin term for a classic business arrangement and status quo is the quo that stands for how it is right now … yang says we need a revolution and we do not need a revolution we need things to be pretty much how they are … for the most part biden and sanders are like the same person and biden is the same person as trump there’s not revolutionary thinking going on which is amazing it would be awful if there was a revolution trickling down from the spires of society … what would be nice if we heard stories of how then when someone gets a top 1% fortune in the USA that they start spending it intelligently and never really end up spending money because of how they set up the system for themselves … most people are so employee they are only their best self from 9 to 5 and i wrote before more people need to president something like a website because then it gives them a reason to be always on … i’m always on my need for a work station is evidence enough that i’m working on something … it’s just that it’s new so i have to invent the model that details why anything i am doing is noteworthy … not easy … i’m into blogging … something internet classic … and i don’t like the word BLOG but it’s a thing that makes sense to me … i’m up to roughly 100 visitors a day and 200 page views a day and i think disability and wordpress are nice becoupling of forces in life … if it wasn’t for my folks and disability i’d be at the homeless shelter looking for work but currently i’m in an apartment … it’s nice … i get paid … and if i ever do get a job i’ll think i’m jeff bezos rich i budget so often

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