time shares

hey if i’m too involved on your website or if you found me writing too many emails could someone let me know if i’m too into the internet and emails and messages and the such? like i can’t even tell you what i would be doing without the internet because i don’t know … i imagine i would be in a bar most nights of the week with a job at the newspaper … but now i have a social media history that speaks of political correctness issues i’m not always politically correct compared to the media elite but i make sense to me … and i don’t think comments i left for the enquirer and wcpo two people i would work for easily with a university degree i’m not liked when i’m myself by the intelligentsia that has me on the outs … i don’t know i have to build up my courage and i’ll call ahead and schedule a meeting with a doctor in Saint Luke’s mental health care facility and get linked up with social services in NYC and find a place to start from in NYC but i also think to myself I could find a place to live in Cincinnati but it is easier to get an apartment in NYC than Cincinnati on my own as I see it … i don’t know … i go through wanting to move too and check it out for like 5 minutes there i had my head to myself and wasn’t interfacing with some electromagnetic frequency of some kind that kicks up from my tooth and is a plausible story to the local NCHPD that is quite intelligent i have found for a suburban police force it’s like they’re all SWAT team enforcers in NCH … i actually can’t imagine moving to another city but i also don’t know what i would be like at a higher frequency of energy that would have me jetsetting not certain why i would do that … for now but i do know i want a NYC timeshare … i’d take winter

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