broadcasting school alumni

i need a television channel that leads to me being useful … like i can watch television full time and end up with not too much like IS television a waste of time for me? i’m a 10 year university graduate and i’m being educated by some broadcasting school alum … where is the university on television? I’m tired of this entire blase’ low balling of world events that are epic in scale. i need more than anderson cooper has to offer in regards to the coronavirus just saying … i actually learn quite a lot staring at a wall and watching CNN is worth less to me in terms of how i spend my time than staring at a wall … just saying … like i need to pay $5000 a year for a television station with 500 other people so that we can support ourselves and further our education by watching channel 1 2 3 4 or 5 like there need to be 5 channels dedicated to something more important than letting me know arby’s has a great fish sandwich …

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