yeah i’m not as good as man as Chris Cuomo or Don Lemon on CNN. I’m working on putting myself back together in 2019 i gained 40 pounds on accident it just popped on me and in the last few months I’ve been losing weight. I quit smoking cigarettes and weed and I stopped drinking liquor and beer. I started exclusively drinking 0 calorie drinks and water and coffee and tea. Last week I started going to the gym with my dad and I broke a sweat for the first time in years tonight. I forgot how to break a sweat but I was on the reclined bike and I did 20 minutes of that and i started sweating. I’m just doing the lightest workout i can do like 45 reps each arm with 5lbs weights doing bicep curls and i burn out in reps not weight .i don’t want to do much more than reps and end up toned and that’s it. I want a soft flat stomach and toned arms it’s the easiest workout but it still generates sweat which is cool. that’s all i can think of to compare myself to cuomo and lemon is that i’m trying to be a decent man but i took a lot of flak over the years and ain really have a flak jacket to wear every day for the last 20 years so like i’m probably what a writer or author should be … broken.

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