I wrote this joke a couple weeks ago when I was in the hospital but it’s a complex strategy for a joke like it’s funny to me because i’m 39 and have been through it for so long but like it goes like this ….

this is the opening …

alright i’m almost 40 so i have different feelings in regards to certain issues like this is not the correct answer in high school or as a sophomore year in college but for someone going into their 40’s i think this is pretty funny …

alright all that aside all the education, the drama, the persecution all of that the demeaning behavior by people, but on the really real wouldn’t you like to own a slave? like secretly don’t we all think owning a slave is cool? like to have someone that sleeps outside in their cabin and when you ring the bell they get up and get you a beer from the fridge? like wouldn’t that be sweet? just saying, that is the wrong answer but wouldn’t that be sweet all race and religion aside i don’t care who it would be just so that someone will get a beer from the fridge for me and if i’m out will go get some …

just saying

that’s actually a funny joke to me … all things considered like if it was a time period where no one knew what slavery was like to be the man that as far as anyone can tell invented slavery like that would probably take off like a rocket … hell yeah i want a slave …

i don’t know …

last time i was in the hospital i tried that joke out on someone and it didn’t go terribly …



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