my guy

Okay if this is accurate reporting then this hints at Donald Trump being the type of person that will go with his guy no matter what it is. I saw that happen once before during a consultation I gave someone and they just said I like that but i’ll have my guy do it. I was like wut? So yeah, Donald Trump might be the type of person that goes with his guy since that is what this article said he did if it’s real.

And learning data for the first time is not researching , this bothered me for a while , first you conduct a series of STUDIES and THEN when you’ve completed your studies and you’re drawing connections from the data is known as research. You need findings to do research is all i’m saying and it gets pegged wrong often.

So I don’t know I think nepotism is a bad idea because it’s a system not based on merit which most should be about merit.

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