the world bank

It has $3.62 trillion in total assets. 1 The bank’s revenues come in at $134.8 billion. Measured by revenues, this is the fourth largest bank in the world. Though this is a commercial bank, it is state-owned.Nov 21, 2019

Is there an insurance company for nations? LIke if the USA paid the world bank $500,000,000 a year for example in the event of a tragedy like this we get up to $1 trillion dollar in coverage …

or something …


is the USA too big to fail?

and when it comes to a national emergency why aren’t businesses provided a means of paying their employees basically COULD there be room and board insurance the kind of insurance that if it all falls apart you still have room and board you can afford no matter what … that might be unemployment actually … i’m surprised every day by what i invent only to discover that already exists … i have reinvented a number of things and then gone oh oh that’s this …


room and board insurance … that’s probably unemployment … but well is there room and board insurance?

i’ve been on disability since i was 24 and have never been in a needs unemployment benefits situation but is unemployment room and board insurance?

i know a lot of words that stacked up don’t amount to much other than to prove i don’t really know that much

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