now is not the time to lie

I was at the YMCA today with my pops he asked me if wanted to go with him again and I’m a decent work out partner. I go to the YMCA and do some free weight and some equipment and then when I finish a real light work out I get on the gym bike and did that for 20 minutes and son of a bitch i broke a sweat , I ain break a sweat so long i forgot breaking a sweat was a thing that can happen.

my moms though she doesn’t mind my pops taking me to the gym because apparently fox news has the coronavirus down cold and they’re telling her it’s nothing I listen to cnn and they tell me it’s a slice of the apocalypse.

but i fucking broke a sweat after 20 minutes on the stationary bike and if fox news is lying they finally ran up into the law and this is not a time for disino that’s probably on par with treason right now if you’re not in line with telling the truth lately just saying.



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