I’m sort of just poking around the internet these last couple of days and I typed in department of education and was curious to know what is the process of determining what history is taught to the nation’s students is? I know North College Hill the neighborhood I live in does not teach Cincinnati or North College Hill history to North College Hill citizens. I know the credit union started off in a store front, moved to a plaza and now it has it’s own free standing unit on prime real estate. That entire process was not taught to NCH and Cincinnati students.

I”m fascinated with programming and I have written numerous times about how children are born as meat and they only know what you tell them and I’m curious why divisive history lessons are taught to middle and high school classes.  I am curious to know why would slavery even be taught in the schools, why would we teach about the axis and allies, and why wouldn’t we talk about history that is immediately local and maybe teach students that they can integrate into their city after some comprehensive apprenticeships but there is no collection of 52 historians in Cincinnati studying Cincinnati History so that it can be taught to the incoming juniors and seniors in high school.

Just a thought, we don’t have to teach divisive issues in high school and that history book is for a lot of people the only book they ever read.

A thought.


Nicholas Lawson

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