tai lopez


i’m suspicious of someone so interested in getting paid to teach me how to make money … i have nickspoems.com and my thinking is blog until the traffic prophecy becomes true and sell advertising on a 1000 unique visitor a month on my website … no i don’t want to teach anyone how i did it not entirely certain why tai lopez wants to flood his market like i’d think mr lopez needs to keep his mouth shut so that he can keep cutting his deals … i think my concept is standard simplicity … like for some reason at around 34 i had it in my head that doing something unique is more risky than doing something standard … so i quit trying to think of something new … like cash is not the end all be all goal to accomplish receiving that’s what public school taught me for 24 years it was always there are things more important than cash it was a common theme … i do actually value time more than cash and that plays out well on disability like my public school principles are perfectly at home on the $900 a month budget i have to work with …. because i can do this … it seems fair you the general you thought there was something wrong with me so i get to secede from society and weird out in the name of trying to do something useful … i do value time more than money and i currently have maximum time … so well i’m in public school’s sweet spot … looking forward to the regular updates … i can probably quit accosting you and develop a cogent reciprocal relationship with this form …


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