I would imagine you’re so paid nothing is not disposable but I got really excited when my doesn’t have a dishwasher ass was turned onto this dawn spray and wash … i literally got excited by how easy it made it to clean my dishes and my kitchen and bathroom are the two areas of my apartment i am always the most worried about if i am doing it right but

That is a nice product if you clean your dishes which you might not because you might be buying new dishes every week and well I can’t imagine for the life of me that dishes get washed in the white house, i have you down as more a has someone buy dishes every week kind of place.

i don’t have a dishwasher so i get concerned when i wash my dishes in the sink and put them in the cupboard and spray and wash dawn makes me less concerned about food poisoning … i am always worried about the cleanliness of my apartment in crucial areas and i’m worried i actually don’t have the energy required to live on my own because of these meds that slow me down but i have just enough energy to clean my apartment because i quit smoking weed … cleanliness of apartment is weak when i smoke weed but sober i keep it pretty nice

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