like i wrote this before but i think one of the reasons the computer gets maligned is because of the level of skill you need to use it like for radio television the telephone and the movie theatre you need minimal to no skill set to use the device however with the computer you do need some carlos santana slash on the guitar like acumen with the keyboard like until you can type at 50wpm or faster the internet doesn’t make much sense in other words if you were never formally trained in typing this is most likely a loathsome thing the desktop computer … like i have masterful typing skills and so i’m always tapped for using the computer too much or putting in too much effort but no one that feels that way has any clue how much time i put into an essay like this one … this is like to here like 3 minutes of typing … the world is a typing class away from being in shangri la … true story … i formally type i put my fingers on the nub keys F an J and i go to work … but if i was going to teach a typing class i would tell them to put their index fingers on those keys and watch yourself type until you find yourself looking up to get your accuracy right … i would have a real laid back typing class that i think would work but i do wonder if i should be teaching literacy … i don’t know … if North College Hill had a computer laboratory … i could do a lot with that …

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