it was something like that

At DAAP at Uc, we had to do something like this 3rd quarter freshman year …. they would explain in explicit detail what the process is and then give you 3 months to deliver your response where you were graded on how perfect your work was.

Design Architecture Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati if things haven’t changed too much in 20 years in terms of worth ethic …. DAAP in Cincinnati will train you to work really hard and be really detailed. You also remember a lot of your time from Design School like studio work is more memorable than classroom work.

I had some of the more perfect work freshman year and then i traveled to london for a year and was introduced to drugs and all my shit got fucked up and i lasted 5 years in a 5 year program but had 2 years left. drugs destroyed my classic maturation as an adult but then when i failed out of design school twice because i couldn’t do the software engineering and i didn’t have time to draw to keep that skill up i just failed programming courses and then i quit and went to a different college i knew i would be good at and focused on classroom studies and 6 years later i had a degree which is not a plan i thought would happen but it’s what happened. i am over educated but i’m pretty decent living on my own with internet access.

but that link up top … that’s what you can ask a designer to do … i know how to work with designers now i’m just not one.


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